imPASTA! is an innovation-driven produce company that is reshaping agriculture and healthy eating.

Elevate Your Supply Chain with imPASTA!

We are a vertically integrated produce brand, enabling us to seamlessly execute at every step of the supply chain, from seed to manufacturing. We are building a line of innovative, upcycled, fresh produce products and leveraging our supply chain to offer best in class commodity programs to our customers.

innovating sustainability

Our journey began with addressing yield and farming economics through upcycling, revolutionizing resilience in the process. By reducing field-level waste, we’re pioneering sustainability that transcends boundaries.

Product Innovation

Innovation that doesn’t stop. Our brand’s ability to scale and innovate pushes us to explore new products and expand the boundaries of sustainability.

Vertically Integrated

With four-generations of farming experience, we manage every facet of our supply chain with unmatched efficiency.

Trusted Grower Network

Our network of growers shares our passion for excellence, ensuring that only the finest produce reaches your table.

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More Than a Meal: imPASTA!’s Impact

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Empowering Lives

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imPASTA!’s profound influence extends beyond the plate, empowering lives and communities through innovation and sustainable practices. From our farms to our product, we are targeting food deserts and improving the economics of farming.

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Harmony of Wellness

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Discover the harmony of wellness and convenience with imPASTA!’s health-focused approach, providing flavorful solutions that make healthy eating a joy.

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Sustaining Beyond Flavor

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Our commitment to societal and ecological well-being drives us to create products that sustain not only flavor but also the world around us.

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To revolutionize how we procure and consume vegetables to support healthier people and the planet.

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Elevating Sustainability Together

At imPASTA!, we redefine food sourcing by prioritizing sustainability at every level. Our commitment reaches beyond your plate, addressing waste from farm to table for a better world.

Transparent Origins

Experience full transparency in our sourcing process. Uncover the origins, farmers’ stories, and eco-friendly practices behind each product, creating a connection that goes beyond the purchase.

Uncompromised Quality

Sustainability and quality go hand in hand. Our products are sourced from devoted farmers who value fair-trade, organic, and eco-friendly methods. You get unmatched freshness without compromising your values.

Amplifying Change Together

Sustainability is a shared endeavor. We collaborate with like-minded partners, businesses, and organizations to amplify our impact. Together, we drive positive change that resonates globally.

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We firmly believe that sustainable sourcing is not just a trend, but a fundamental responsibility that can positively impact our business ecosystems, local communities, and future generations. With this conviction, we have carefully curated a vast array of sustainably sourced produce, giving you the assurance that every purchase made through our platform supports the health of our planet.

ImPASTA! leverages our network of growers, processors, and manufacturers to offer best in class year-round sustainable sourcing programs, direct from our farms for your fresh, IQF and value-added contract needs.

We are fostering transformational strategic partnerships. Our collaborations bring together the innovation of today with the wisdom of the past. By working closely with multi-generational farmers and sustainable trade, we’re able to tap into knowledge and practices that are transformed into extraordinary opportunities. Through the synergy of expertise, passion, and tradition, we’re redefining modern business by placing sustainability at its heart.


Best-in-Class Growers

We collaborate with top-tier growers who share our values, ensuring the highest quality and sustainability standards in every piece of produce.

Food Safety

Our team of food safety professionals manage and monitor the supply chain ensuring the highest attention to safety. All suppliers and distributors are inspected by third-party auditors and required to have food defense programs in place.


Seamless Operations and Logistics

Our cross-dock facilities, trading partners, and customs brokers, coupled with refrigerated and frozen facilities across the MX-US border and major seaports, ensure efficiency at every turn. Our team of procurement and logistics specialists understand the unique challenges of our industry, enabling us to deliver excellence.

Redundancy in Supply

Our redundant supply chain assures consistent availability, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a stable source of sustainably sourced produce.


Grow With Us

Sustainable Sourcing Contact
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imPASTA!’s product lines started by solving waste challenges on the farm. Our hero product, Already Spaghetti, is the first ready-to-eat upcycled Spaghetti squash. We found that over 50% of spaghetti squash grown goes to landfills because of retail spec and requirements. Each ring of our squash saves 16 gallons of wasted water and ¼ lb. of CO2.

Why we love spaghetti squash.

This underutilized vegetable is perfect for the health-conscious consumer. With a mild flavor, spaghetti squash is cuisine versatile. Already Spaghetti is perfectly pre-cooked so it is easy to prepare any night of the week. It is low-carb, low-calorie, gluten-free and certified upcycled – making it a delicious way to do your part for the planet.

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